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Legal Assistant

Hector Ramirez


Personal Information


English, Spanish


613 Abbott St, Suite 600, Detroit, MI, 48226


(313) 444 - 2171



As a first-generation Mexican-American born of Mexican parents, Hector Ramirez is passionate and
understanding of the personal difficulties related to immigrants in the United States. Hector has long
been an advocate for immigrants’ rights and has spent many years studying the various inequalities
present in various Latin American countries. Hector’s passion for this field flourished during his time
at Grand Valley State University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in international relations with
minors in both Spanish and Latin American Studies. Hector has also completed a certificate in
Latino/a Studies during which he conducted research on the various shifts in the Guatemalan
government. After graduating, Hector secured a position working for Migrant Legal Aid where he
was both a paralegal and an outreach member. Here he got firsthand insight on some of the struggle’s
migrants face on their journey to the American dream and the complexities of the process it takes to
help them get there. Hector is currently studying for the LSAT exam and aspires to one day become
an Immigration Attorney.

At De Armas & De Armas, Hector has had extensive experience in: asylum cases, residency
applications, citizenship applications, and various other family based immigration cases. Hector also
works closely with clients seeking immigration benefits based upon U-Visas (victims of certain
crimes), VAWA (abused spouses), T-Visas (victims of trafficking) and DACA.
Through his work Hector has provided support to individuals faced with deportation or removal
proceedings before Immigration Courts throughout the United States.


  • Grand State Valley University, Allendale, MI

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